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“Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Therefore, it can be compared to loading your company cargo, your financial responsibilities, onto the Stewardship Chartered Accountant's ship.


You entrust us with your cargo and we take full responsibility to manage it and deliver it to the right harbour and in due time.

These are no uncharted waters for us, we know that we may come across some pirates who want to rob you of your cargo, but we will defend it, be it your estate, company records, VAT or any income tax concerns. We know the winds and we know the seas.


We know that there have been many shipwrecks along our route, but we will upload your cargo, even if we need to dive deep to save its precious components.

We are not afraid of these wide and open seas, we have alliances with very noble seafarers. Your cargo is in good hands.


Our ship is built on values of trust, integrity and teamwork and is ready to face any storms and ready to be taking all your customer needs and cargo safely to its destiny.


Who we are

We are a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT firm based in Pretoria, Gauteng.

We are a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT firm based in Pretoria, Gauteng. We would love to help your businesses or you as an individual, to be unimpeded by financial worries, free to manage your time and focus on what you enjoy most. It is all about meeting our client's needs and putting our clients first.


You are welcome to call us on +27 72 215 8369 or to email us to make your first free appointment to discuss all your business needs.


Our services in summary


  • Tax
  • Wills
  • Estate Planning
  • Administration of deceased estates


  • Income Tax
  • VAT
  • Financial Statements
  • Pre-Audit Assessments
  • Business Valuations
  • On-Site Staff Training
  • Advisory

Value adding services

  • Cost Recovery (VAT Return Reviews)
  • Reviewing adequacy of internal controls
  • Drafting of more efficient management accounts
  • Analyses and interpretation of
    management accounts


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